Today I have a slightly different offer for you, but you will definitely like it – marbella property

What we offer: Cottage in the middle of the forest

Number of rooms in the cottage: 3 + bathroom and two kitchens

Cottage area: one hundred and fifty square meters

Cottage price: one hundred thousand euros

Nespokojená žena

When we come to the cottage, we can first see the beautiful cottage and the nature around it (trees, shrubs and so on) and beautiful green grass, which gives the cottage the necessary atmosphere.

In front of the cottage there is a table and two benches in brown. The cottage is all in a wooden style and is really beautiful. A classic longer path leads to the cottage. When we come to the cottage and open the door, we can be the first to see a bedroom in blue with two single beds with relatively old-fashioned bedding. Opposite the bed is an old wooden table and behind the bed is a large mirror in which you can see enough. There is also another table, which is all wooden and modern. There are bright orange chairs around him, there are a total of three. Opposite the table is a small cozy kitchen where it cooks well (fridge, stove) and in the corner there is one larger spacious closet. From the bedroom, black stairs lead with a black railing to the next floor.

sociální sítě

On the next floor, another bedroom is furnished in a girl\’s (pink) style with one smaller window and a small side table. Opposite the bed is a mirror again. There is another kitchen, this time with a really modern wooden coffee table and modern four chairs. The cottage also has a spacious toilet furnished in gray with three toilets, so there is no shortage of toilets. Lastly, we can see a beautiful children\’s room decorated in blue, so a boy is definitely sleeping here. There is also a large spacious bed, which is a huge advantage of the cottage.